Fundraising Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations rely on fundraising to keep them afloat, whether it’s needed to reach their objectives or operational expenses. Find out below how to effectively raise money for your nonprofit.

Those who wish to put up a nonprofit organization would usually have to come up with a fundraising activity in order to have sufficient money to go around and become successful in their mission. Whether your nonprofit organization is to benefit your locality, or you put it up for a national cause, below are some fundraising tips that could help you out.

Minor Donor Groups

This targets those who give about $50 to $500 per year. Use the minor donor groups to target the smaller givers and encourage them to continue being supportive to your organization and donate a consistent level each year.

Come up with a name that is catchy for your minor group plus a small list of benefits for its members such as e-newsletters exclusively for the group, bumper stickers and stuff to that effect. The difference of a minor donor group from a major donor group is the amount of time and resources you would be willing to spend. An example of which is where a major donor group holds meetings once a month or once every quarter, while for your minor donor group, you can have annual meetings.

Affinity Fundraising

This one is quite similar to putting up a minor and major donor group. It will be composed of a network of people who are willing to support your organization and raise money on your behalf. The difference of this group from your minor and major donor groups is that the people involved in the affinity group have something in common which forms part of the foundation of the effort of the group. The affinity group can be composed of doctors, lawyers or young professionals’ group.

Given that the group members have something in common, they are likely to grow virally because the members will surely invite new people to join, particularly those who share the common interest of the group. The efforts of each member are multiplied in time as well as the resources you will spend on the group.

Super Events

This is a fundraising tactic that has been borrowed by several nonprofit organizations from political fundraisers. With Super Events, you contract many event hosts to be in-charge of holding smaller fundraising events on behalf of your organization which is done on the same night with the same theme applied. The event will be tied together by a conference call with the key supporters, board chair or executive director of the nonprofit organization done via the internet or video call.

This type of fundraising event usually works because it influences your efforts. Unlike in most cases wherein the amount of time you would have to spend on supporting hosts who wish to hold small fundraising events could not be worth your time and effort because the returns are quite small too. With super events, you can support a network of hosts who are all trying to raise money on your behalf with much higher returns.